Arguments for God

As the number of pages on this website is growing, it is becoming increasingly important to organize the various component pages in a way that can be easily navigated. I am therefore beginning to collect related pages into groups. The particular group shown here collects my responses to the major arguments that are used to support belief in the existence of God. As you will see, I find none of them convincing. The component pages are:

  1. The Argument from First Cause (a.k.a., the Cosmological Argument)
  2. Intelligent Design
  3. Scriptural Evidence for God
  4. The Fine-Tuning Argument, Part I: Parameters that Make You Say, “Really?”
  5. Pascal’s Wager

In addition, I have a series of posts that address the so-called Moral Argument for God. That series is contained under the sub-heading Ethics.

Future essays that will fall into this category include:

  1. The Fine-Tuning Argument, Part II: Parameters that Might Be Fine-Tuned
  2. Structure and Origins of Consciousness (an essay that will address the Argument from Reason, the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism, and the Argument from Desire)

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