Debate listening on the road

Driving across several states is a fantastic opportunity to listen to archived debates, and I’ve been taking good advantage of it! One of the several that I’ve listened to was particularly exciting, so I thought I should link to it here. Andrew Copson was debating David Robertson on Justin Briley’s show, Unbelievable. I’ve come to greatly appreciate Briley’s style of moderating discussion, but he wasn’t even really necessary in this case… two debaters kept the discussion moving at a brisk, fascinating pace. Copson in particular was spectacularly lucid, particularly on the intersection of religion and education and on the middle ground between absolute and relative morality. This latter topic pointed me to some Popper that I need to read; as with several of my philosophical positions, I am simultaneously gratified and disappointed that I’m not the first to articulate them in quite the way that I do.

More debate listening

I just finished listening to a debate on religion/atheism with respect to public morality between Alan Keys and Alan Dershowitz. It was, without a doubt, the most spirited, rhetorically fascinating debate I have listened to! Unlike most debates I have listened to lately, which have been much more in the academic style or, preferably, in the television panel-discussion style, this one was squarely in the style of political debates, though crossed with the style of legal pleadings before juries.

It was not scholarly. It was not intricate. It was not even civil. The tactics used made me sick to my stomach at times. But it was filled with fascinating, well-delivered, soaring rhetoric on both sides, and listening to it was a truly thrilling experience!

Latest debate listening

I just finished listening to a 2010 debate between Richard Carrier and Michael Licona on the historical evidence for and against the resurrection. Both are historians, and the debate format, which allowed a larger amount of true discussion than normal, was spectacular. I recommend this debate to anyone interested in the question of the resurrection.

Listening to debates

As I mentioned, I have recently been listening to a variety of religion/atheism debates. There is a phenomenally-extensive collection of them available here. Having recently gotten a spectacular pair of noise-cancelling earbuds, I’ve been listening to them most often while doing yardwork. Unfortunately, that means I can’t take notes. I have been finding myself wanting to respond to many of the points that have been coming up, because I don’t feel that the debaters always take the right approaches. I wish I had the leisure to be able to listen to these while not doing something else, and then blogging about my experiences. Oh well, maybe when I retire. Continue reading