New document (Atheism vs. Agnosticism), and site status

Last week’s document offering, Reductionism and Emergent Phenomena, was rather dense and highly specific. This is probably not surprising given that I was deliberately trying to start the blog off with a topic where I felt I had something meaningful to add to ongoing discussions about atheism. I have updated that document in a couple of ways to try to make it more accessible:

  • At the prompting of the reader Tweedledum, I generated a 100-word summary of the argument, and then added that to the top of the document as a “short version.” You can think of it like an abstract or an executive summary.
  • I realized that the various arguments, reductionism, the argument from design, and emergent phenomena, would be clearer if I put together some cartoons illustrating them. I have done so and have added them to the document. I’m quite pleased with the cartoons!


This week’s offering, Atheism vs. Agnosticism, should be much more accessible. It is quite important to make sure that when discussing complex issues, everyone understands what the others mean by the words they are using, and since this blog is about atheism, it’s probably a good idea for me to make clear early what exactly I mean when I use the term. Continue reading

Up and running!

Welcome to Convert the Atheist, my blog. I am an atheist, and, as the title of the blog suggests, I want you to try to convert me. This is not a rhetorical trick, it is a genuine request. You see, I am deeply interested in improving myself and my positions. The only way I can improve my positions is by finding the holes in my reasoning. And who could possibly be better at finding the holes in my reasoning than the people that disagree with me? So yes, I sincerely want you to try to convert me to your beliefs. If, during this process, we identify holes in my reasoning, then I have two choices… I can modify my arguments to eliminate the holes, or I can abandon them in favor of alternate arguments that work better. I will be very public about this process. Continue reading