New Post: Pragmatic Ethics

In my continuing series on an atheistic ethical system, I have added a new essay concerning Pragmatic Ethics. In many ways this is a culmination of a series of essays exploring the middle ground between absolute morality and moral relativism. I expect there will be at least one further essay in the series, but that one will be more of an application example of Pragmatic Ethics (to the case study of abortion) rather than a development of new ideas.

As always, I welcome any feedback, positive, negative, or neutral. Thank you for reading!

New Essay (Free Will, Determinism, and Culpability)

I finished my essay at a more reasonable hour this week, so I’m hoping to have less of a headache tomorrow than I did last week.

At any rate, this week’s topic is “Free Will, Determinism, and Culpability.” In it I address the reasonability of society holding people responsible for their actions, and contrast the results with the reasonability of God holding people responsible for their actions.

I’m a bit surprised that last week’s page didn’t result in any reader comments. I suppose I scared everyone away.

Well, I hope at least some of you are back, because I value any comments and criticisms.