Getting dialog going: Preview of next document concerning belief and faith

Update: The new document described below is now online.

So far on this blog, there has been minimal dialog or debate. This is not surprising, for several reasons. First, of course, the blog is new, and readership is not particularly huge (although stats have shown 275 views, which is pretty good!). Second, I have not advertised the site widely, relying primarily on word-of-mouth, and many of the folks that have initially taken a look at the site are also on the atheist side of things. Third, and possibly most importantly, the two main documents I have posted so far consist of (a) a technical discussion of an obscure issue and (b) simple definitions of atheism and agnosticism. In short, I have not yet provided an argument for atheism. My next documentĀ is going to take a large step in that direction. I am offering a preview here in order to solicit arguments and counterarguments that I can ensure that I address in that post. Continue reading

Upcoming topics

Update: I will be updating this post as I go, indicating which documents are done and adding new ideas as they occur to me or are suggested.

It occurred to me that it might be useful to list off the topics that I am planning to address in future posts. This list is obviously subject to revision, is incomplete, may have topics that are too big to cover in a single document, and is in no particular order.

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